Mood Swings
Debbie Gibson

Verse 1:
If ever i needed someone
It's you and now - oh
'cause you bring out some feelings
More than the law will allow
I can be down
You pick me from the crowd
I thought i lost everything -
Then my mood swings.....

I haven't lost
What i can find in you
You know just what to do (just what to do)
To make a friendship band (make a friendship band)
Turn to a diamond ring (turn to a diamond ring)
I simply touch your hand (i simply)
And my mood swings

Verse 2:
In a vicious cycle of depression once
Not too long ago
But i'm over it now
Not a second too soon
You came and made light shine from the moon
Like there was nothing to it
Boy, i don't know how you do it


Lovin' you - it's an old cliche'
But it's like a dream come true every day
There's no other love in this world
Than the love you're getting
From this girl

'cause if ever
I needed somebody
It's you and now
Thought i lost everything

Mood swings

What i can find...

You make a friendship band
Turn to a diamond ring
I simply touch your hand
And my mood swings (mood swings)
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