Morse Code
Don Woody

I tried talkin', to get through to you
I tried callin', to get my message through
I tried every way that I know
And my heart is beatin' morse-code
My smoke signals went up over town
I sent pigeons, but you shot 'em down
I tried every way to communicate
Won't you listen to my heart, before it's too late
Well I love you, is what I try to say
I try it different each and every day
Oh won't you listen to what my heart is beatin'
I love you, I love you, it keeps repeatin'
I advertised on the radio
I tried to reach you through a TV-show
I even put signs upon the road
And my heart is beatin' morse-code

(Woody - Simmons)
DON WOODY (rec. December 21, 1956)

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