Schoolhouse Rock
Billy Harlan

Well, early this morning, sittin' in school
My classwork finished, had nothing to do
From across the street in the very next block
Came the crazy sound of an old jukebox
Teacher felt the rhythm, it was comin' in stout
So he jumped up and began to shout

Shake, rattle and roll
Yeah, the beat really satisfied my soul
When we really got started, the teacher went to the door
He yelled up the street, turn the music up some more
About that time the principal heard
So he come a-runnin' like a thunderbird
When he got to the door he was mad like crazy
A little gal grabbed him by the name of Daisy
She shook him, and he rolled
Well, that satisfied everybody's soul

Now the principal, just because he's old
Don't mean he ain't got a-rhythm in his soul
He grabbed all the teachers, said a-gather 'round
What we're gonna do is shake up this whole town
Hand full of nickels, that old jukebox
Today we'll make this school house rock

Now, all you teachers have gotta shake
Come on get with it, you ain't gonna break
Now the classroom rocked from wall to wall
We opened the door and they were rockin' in the hall
When it got too crowded, we didn't stop
We just moved outside where we could really rock
The principal, the teacher, the whole class was there
Everybody gittin' with it, no one seemed to care

Now everybody there was really diggin' the sound
Man, they were pickin' 'em up and layin' 'em down
Nobody there was a-watchin' the clock
Today we make this school house rock
1958 # Words and music by Billy Harlan
BRUNSWICK 55066, 1958